About Fernando Draganici

  Fernando comes from Romania, a country in which the musical industry is still developing, and he started playing drums at the age of three, being mostly self-taught. Playing drums was the obvious thing to do, having grown up in a very music-related environment. From the age of 6 he's been studying piano at the Dinu Lipatti Music School and from the age of 12 classical guitar and wind instruments (clarinet, saxophone).He attended ''Dinu Lipatti" Music Highschool and the Conservatory of Music''Ciprian Porumbescu''
-Artist Demonstrator: Tama Drums,Sabian Cymbals,Remo Heads and Korg Keyboards
-Tutor piano, percussion and guitar
-Composer and musical arranger

Collaborations and recorded albums:
-KAPELA-Pitesti(1991-1992)-awards at festivals such as:Top T Buzau,Zarnesti,Metal Fan
-Classical Music Festival "DARCLE"-1993-classic piano concert
-FARA SCRUPULE-Pitesti(1992-1994)-prizes in various rock festival
-JAZZ MACHINE-Pitesti(1993-1997)-extradite band made up of famous musicians
-ANTRACT GRUP-Pitesti(1995-1998)-awards / demo
-TENTATII-Pitesti(1997-1999)-various concerts + demo
-Romanian Patriarchate's Choir-Bucharest(1999-2000)-chorister and soloist Parties: Bass
-SCHIMBUL 3-Bucharest(1999)-concerts & tour in the whole country
-METROCK-Bucharest(1999-2003)-various concerts + demo
-ON THORNS I LAY-Grecia(2001)-"Future Narcotic"album
-RAFAEL-Bucharest (2001)- "Singuri Impreuna"album
-LAURA STOICA-Bucuresti(2002)-various concerts + demo
-Philharmonic Choir Romanian-Bucharest (2002)-chanter, Part: Bass
-SFERA-Bucharest (2003)-various concerts in the country + demo
-SUMMER SET PURPLE BAND-Bucharest (2003-2010) -funky jazz band, various concerts + demo
-CRI-GRI-Bucharest(2003)- "Glas de peste"album
-CRI-GRI-Bucharest(2006)-''Urma de maine''album
-ANTRACT-Valcea(2003)- ''Nou''album
-ANTRACT-Valcea(2004)-'' Live 20 ani''album
-ANTRACT-Valcea(2010)-'' Live 25 ani''album
-MARFAR-Bucharest(2004) -''Las-o Ba, Ca Merge Asa''album
-MARFAR-Bucharest(2006) -''O zi buna... si restu...''album
-LOREDANA GROZA-(2005-2006)-''Jamparalele ''album remix
-TALISMAN-Bucharest-(2006)-''Pentru Prieteni''album
-TALISMAN-Bucharest-(2007)-''Best Of''album
-ADELA POPESCU-Bucharest-(2008)-''Răspunsul meu''album
-CALIN GRIGORIU BAND-Bucharest(2010)
-TRUPA ASHA-Bucharest(2011)


Catalin Mustata
Best Music
Maximum Rock Romania
Carmen Mihalcea
Alberto Bolocan
Mihai Vasilescu
Dana Mitica

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